Welcome to the ImmobilienScout24 Developer Center

We offer more than 20 public REST APIs around real estates, real estate market data, geo services, realtor data and much more. Check "Our APIs" for getting an overview on the APIs. "Getting Started" not only leads you to the registration, but also contains faq, basic principles, playground, sandbox and much more. Before you start coding, please first check whether there's an SDK available for your programming language and view the tutorials on the same page. We offer technical support by email (service@immobilienscout24.de) and by public forum. Feel free to give us feedback!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Liebe ImmobilienScout24 API Nutzerinnen und Nutzer,

Vielen Dank für Eure Teilname am API Developer Satisfaction Survey.

Unser Roadmap ist in Bearbeitung und bald gibts neues von uns.

Euer ImmobilienScout24 API Team

Wartungsarbeiten Dienstag 17.12.2019 / Maintenance work Tuesday 17.12.2019

Maintenance is scheduled for the Export/Import Offer API on Tuesday the 17th from 7-9 AM. During that period no insertion, editing or publication of listings will be possible.
Am Dienstag 17.12.2019 finden während der Zeit von 7-9 Uhr Wartungsarbieten an der Import/Export API statt. Während dieser Zeit ist keine Inseration, Bearbeitung oder Veröffentlichung von Anzeigen möglich.

  • API Newsletter Subscription available

    Stay informed about new API features, changes or bugs. The newsletter is free of marketing/ads and is sent in German and English.

  • "Vollabgleich" discontinued

    We will block the „Vollabgleich“ use case (regularly deletion and upload of the same real estates and attachments) from 01.11.2015.

  • Overview of products

    We offer different solutions to present realestates on your website, to edit or to search for them.

  • // Search API
    // Import/Export API
    // GIS API
  • Tutorials and SDKs

    To get an easy start into our APIs we created tutorials and collected SDKs. Furthermore there are existing CMS Plugins for Wordpress and Joomla.

The Playground is a browser-based tool with which you can test the API without coding. It's great to get a feeling for our APIs.

The Sandbox is a closed test environment which you'll need if you want to create/change realestates by API. Get access/more information, here.

From 1st of May 2014 real estate offerings (exposes) need to contain information from the energy certificate ("Energieausweis"). Our API is capable to handle these data.

We offer technical support on 3 channels: Google User Group, email and Twitter.

March 2018

  • From end of March 2018, ImmobilienScout24 will no longer offer the use of its REST-API interface via HTTP. Specifically, this means that, with effect from 31 March 2018, we will only offer encrypted transfer via HTTPS and therefore discontinue data transmission via HTTP. In future, you will therefore only be able to use our REST interface via HTTPS.

  • IMPORTANT: If you do not switch to HTTPS until 31.3.2018 you will not be able anymore to use our API!


September 2016

  • Expose API: „realtorValuationJSONLink“, „realtorValuationV2JSONLink“ and „realtorValuationV2JSONPLink“ are not available anymore and disappear from the Expose API response completely. 


July 2016

  • Import/Export API: New mandatory field "name" for real estate projects (Sandbox and Live: 27.07.2016) - concerns XSD schema


April 2016

  • Import/Export API: new field "customLowestBid" in real estate type compulsoryAuction. Overwrites the existing and calculated field "lowestBid" (Sandbox: 20.04.2016 and Live: 21.04.2016) - concerns XSD schema
  • Import/Export API: free text fields (descriptionNote, furnishingNote, locationNote and otherNote) increased max length from 2000 to 3999 characters (Sandbox and Live: 13.04.2016) - concerns XSD schema