Our APIs

Import-Export API

The Import/Export API is the most used and most powerful API in our assortment. You can create, change and delete real estate objects.

XML-Schema, WADL, min/max xml and mapping for all attributes

Min & max examples: Please note, that the MAXIMAL xml files cannot be posted as is, there are dependencies which you'll have to check first. For example energy certificate fields. The energy fields matrix shows you which fields are relevant for which real estate type .

The webservices of the import Export REST API

Howto create and publish real estate objects by REST-API

  1. Authenficate the user (= the ImmobilienScout24 customer) Tutorial
  2. Create a real estate object POST REALESTATE
    1. Optional: create a contact address and link it to the real estate objects POST CONTACT
    2. Optional: synchronize your contact addresses. Docu
    3. Optional: create multimedia attachments POST ATTACHMENT
  3. Request in which publish channel the user is allowed to publish real estate objects GET PUBLISHCHANNEL
  4. Publish the real estate object POST PUBLISH Important: please send the publish requests after each other and not paralell.

Steps to implementing the REST-Import-Export API

  • Send us an email to service@immobilienscout24.de requesting a sandbox accesss (since the online registration hands out a productional access)
  • Youll get an api access and a customer test account, both are only valid in the sandbox environment.
  • Use the Playground for getting a feeling for the API and the authentification
    • Enter your api access data (key and secret, which you got by email) in the playground (choose "own key" and "sandbox" and perform the oAuth authentification (left below). Therewith, you get an authentificated user, which is a prerequisite for using the import export api.
    • Take the min/max XML files and use them within your first POST REALESTATE request in the playground. Try other request like GET/PUT REALESTATE or (ATTACHMENT, PUBLISH, CONTACT).

TIP: You can call the sandbox server by browser: https://www.sandbox-immobilienscout24.de -> login with your testaccount username and password and you can see the objects you've created by API.

  • Start with the implentation in your software. First oAuth, then the API. There are SDKs for the import export api and which contain the oAuth implementation, see the links below.
  • When you're done, register for the productional environment of the REST-API and you'll get a productive access right away, with which you'll have to the authentification for your customer(s).

Short help on 3-legged oAuth

This process is integrated in the follwing SDKs:

Your user (the realtor) needs to give your application access to his immobilienscout24 account, one time only. You'll then get a token which you save permanently and which never expires:

  1. Send the request token request with a callback url to your server
  2. Send the authorize token request, open the authorize token url, which leads to a new browser session which shows the immobilienscout24.de single-sign-on page, the user logs in and on the following page, grants access to your application
  3. IS24 automatically sends a request to your callback url. You get the verifier.
  4. With the verifier, you can generate the access token and the access token secret. You save both in your database and use it within every request. You don't need the verifier anymore.


Advantages of a REST-API

  • Objects are transmitted, individually and are online in real-time
  • error messages can be shown object-related in the client software in real-time
  • Enables rapid changes after publishing an object
  • future-proof, state of the art technology
  • secure: the complete API can be accessed by https
  • One unified interface for all usecases: the REST API supports real estate search & expose, so that you can use it for presenting your objects on your website
  • Enables HD videos (maximum file size for videos up to 1 GB, planned for end of august),
  • Supports three new real estate types: compulsatory auction ("Zwangsversteigerung"), senior care ("Altenpflege"), assisted living ("Betreutes Wohnen")
  • handing out the scout report data per object: Number of Expose calls and email contacts
  • possibility to OnTop place real estates