Query Parameters

The GET method of the Search supports many query parameters in dependence of

  • the type of the search (radius or region) and
  • the searched real estate type

Each query parameter represents a search criterion and restricts the result list. If you provide no search criteria, an empty result list is returned. Unknown search criteria are ignored or result in an empty result list.

There are five types of query parameters:

  • rangeskey=minimalValue-maximalValue (use the - sign between the minimum and maximum value of your range. If one side is empty -## or ##-, then is this meaning from the lowest value or to the highest value of the parameter.)
  • single parameterskey=value
  • flag parameterskey=true
  • ordered lists (e. g. ranges)key=value1;value2;value3;...
  • unordered lists (e. g. enumerations)key=value3,value1,value2,...


Note: Members of ordered enumeration types are separated with a semicolon (";"), unordered enumeration types are separated with a comma (","). Query parameters (key-value-pairs) are separated with ampersand ("&"). Flag parameters filter the list, if the key is given in the url, and don't filter the list, if the key is absent.

Radius Search


  • The offerer of an real estate object can withhold the object address. In that case, the result list entry for that object has no coordinates.
  • Radius search doesn't work with objects abroad (Auslandsimmobilien)
  • Radius is specified in kilometers; in order to get meter precision, use floating point numbers (with a decimal dot)
Parameter Values Comment
realestatetype apartmentrent
and all types listed below, except HouseType
geocoordinates latitude;longitude;radius geo-system in wgs84 and radius in km;please observe the order.
All values are required for the radius search.

Region Search


Parameter Values Comment
realestatetype apartmentrent
and all types listed below
geocodes geocodeId IS24 geocodeids, where a is24 geocodeid is composed bycontinentId+countryId+regionId+cityId+quarterId (1+276+003+001+014 = 1276003001014).
required for region search. here's the webservice to retrieve the geocode-ids by entering an address.

Both: Radius and Region


Parameter Values Comment
lastmodification date and time in the format 
objects that were created (the object is not yet published, please use the filter "firstactivation" to obtain objects which are published after date X) or modified after the given date and time will be returned.
publishedafter date and time in the format 
objects will get an additiional attribute "publishedAfter". It is a boolean field with information whether the object publish date was after the publishedafter query date. Objects Are not filtered, it is only "decoration" of the object with an additional attribute
firstactivation date and time in the format 
objects that were published after the given date and time will be returned
apisearchfield1 any text (up to 10 characters) you can use any text for individual searchfield
apisearchfield2 any text (up to 10 characters) you can use any text for individual searchfield
apisearchfield3 any text (up to 10 characters) you can use any text for individual searchfield

Full text search

  • Full text search (Freitextsuche) is a parameter of region or radius search.


Parameter Values Comment
fulltext any free text for full text search The whole expose is searched: full text as well as values within the other expose fields (like "Balcony true/false". Separator is "%20". Example: Balkon%20Altbau. The fields are interpreted as "OR". Maximum number of fields is unlimited

Search by Channels

Generally, objects can be published in 3 channels/channel types:

  • IS24,
  • homepage and
  • group

The GET method of the Search supports the filtering of real estates which are published on these channels by a distinct IS24 user with the following query parameters.


https://rest.immobilienscout24.de/restapi/api/search/v1.0/search/region?realestatetype=apartmentrent&geocodes=1276&channel=hp&username=[login name of the is24 customer]


Parameter Values Comment
Channel is24
Retrieves all objects which are published on https://www.immobilienscout24.de. You need a special permission, please follow the steps for "Content Partner" on the "getting started" page.
hp&username={username} homepage:
Retrieves all objects which are published on "homepage" from a certain customerusername is required and the customer needs to grant access by 3-legged oAuth. You can use "me" as username (prerequisite: the customer has authentified himself and authorized his key by 3-legged-oauth. All SDKs contains this autorization process.
{groupid} group:
Retrieves all objects of customers which are member in the given group. Please have your customer consult its sales consultant at Immobilienscout24 in order to retrieve the group id.


  • In general the RestAPI supports a feature mechanism. The list of available features will grow from time to time.
  • To enable a feature you just need to add your designated feature to the request parameter features of your request URL. The table below will provide the available features of the RestAPI.



Parameter Value Comment
features grouping, matchcount grouping: hands out objects within the same building as "grouped" for the realestate type "office"

matchcount: enables that the count for each search criteria is returned. Please note that the returned match counts have the same capitalization as the search parameter. Also not all parameters that we have in the search are returned as match counts.


  • If no page number is provided, the first page is returned (in case of results). If the number is smaller than 1 (e. g. negative) or invalid an error will be returned.
  • If no page size is provided, the default page size with 20 results per page is returned. If the number is smaller than 1 or greater than 200 (e. g. negative) or invalid an error will be returned
Parameter Values Comment
pagenumber integer between 1...n 1-based
pagesize integer between 1...200 1-based