Reference API

The resource referenceprice represents a reference price for the given location. A location is represented by either a countryId, a regionId, a cityId, and a districtId or by WGS84-coordinates (latitude and longitude). The result represents the reference prices for the neighbourhood and the quarter. Creating or modifying reference prices is not supported by the API.{regionId}/city/{cityId}/district/{districtId}{regionId}/city/{cityId}/district/{districtId} (same as above, just JSONP){latitude}/longitude/{longitude}

Supported media types

  • XML (Accept: application/xml)  (default)
  • JSON (Accept: application/json)

Authorization requirements

  • At least a System Key is required for this operation. See Authentication via Two-legged OAuth for further details.
  • A special API permission


Path Parameters

For the request with IS24 geo hierarchy

  • regionId - id of a federal state of the IS24-Geo-Hierarchy
  • cityId - id of a city of the IS24-Geo-Hierarchy
  • districtId - id of a district of the IS24-Geo-Hierarchy

For the request with WGS84 coordinates

  • latitude - the latitude of the point you wish to use for the request (WGS84 coordinate - required)
  • longitude - the longitude of the point you wish to use for the request (WGS84 coordinate - required)

Query Parameters

the id of the real estate for which the information should retrieved. Currently, the following types are supported:

  • 1 (HOUSE_RENT)
  • 3 (HOUSE_BUY)


only for houses. the size of the siteArea as integer. Minimum valid value is 0.

to make sure that new building prices are received although construction year is older than this year. If no firstTimeUse is given, portfolio real estate will be assumed.

the size of the livingArea. If no livingArea is available the service assumes 100 sqm. Minimum valid value is 0.

The price of the real estate in EUR. Minimum valid value is 1. For realEstateType APARTMENT_* the price is per sqm and for HOUSE_* is the price is the total price.

Object category of the real estate. See objectCategory

The year of construction of a real estate. This parameter is used to determine the age class of a realestate. The construction year must be a 4 digit number smaller or equals the current year and greater or equal then 0 (optional). If no constructionYear is given, portfolio real estate will be assumed.

Possible values for objectCategory

  • 0 - no information
  • 3 - roof storey
  • 7 - maisonette
  • 15 - bungalow
  • 17 - semi detached house
  • 18 - single family house
  • 20 - country house
  • 24 - villa
  • 25 - terrace house
  • 27 - wooden house
  • 38 - freehold flat
  • 40 - terraced flat
  • 117 - ground floor
  • 118 - apartment
  • 119 - special real estate
  • 122 - single family house (detached)
  • 123 - mid terrace house
  • 124 - end terrace house
  • 126 - apartment (other)
  • 127 - raised ground floor
  • 128 - half basement


  • Status 200 OK.
    The requested operation was successful.
  • Status 204 No Content.
    No comparison real estates where found. The real estate price is greater than higherTwiceStd or lower than lowerTwiceStd. --> Please display message: Für diese Berechnung liegen zu wenige Angebotspreise vor.

  • Status 400 Bad Request
    Input Parameter validation failed (including invalid objectCategory) or geoCoding failed. --> No QuickCheck info should be displayed at all, i.e. no place holder.

  • Status 500 Internal Server Error
    An internal Server error has occurred.



"averagePriceTotal": 690,
"averagePricePerSqm": 6.9,
"simpleStd": 1,
"twiceStd": 2,
"lowerSimpleStd": 5.7,
"higherSimpleStd": 8.1,
"lowerTwiceStd": 4.5,
"higherTwiceStd": 9.3,
"livingAreaAvg": 61,
"siteAreaAvg": null,
"districtName": "Berlin - Adlershof (Treptow)",
"comparisonCount": 15781,
"newBuilding": false